Are you wondering how much Scrap Metal is going for in your area? If you are amongst the thousands of people that want to cash in on some scrap metal and you are wondering how much it is going for this page can help. But before you know how much your scrap metal is going to sell for, you need to know just a couple of things that will affect the price a scrap yard will offer you.

Two Important factors that can affect 'How Much Money Scrap Metal will go for:

  1. People that sell scrap metal to scrap/junk yards often remove non metal parts and pieces including rubber and plastic from scrap domestic appliances. There really is no need to do this, it could actually mean you receive less money for your scrap metal as scrap yards fix their prices taking things like rubber and plastic parts on appliances into account.
  2. You should always separate you scrap by metal type. So if you have aluminum, copper and steel it is highly recommended that you separate the three types of metal so you can sell them separately or you could end up being offered scrap tin prices for the entire lot.

How Much Does Scrap Metal Go For Guide

Metal Type Scrap Metal Prices Per lb(USD)
Copper$0.14 to $2.25 per lb
Copper Wire$0.30 to $1.50 per lb
Aluminum$0.04 to $0.92 per lb
Aluminum Cans$0.50 to $0.55 per lb
Brass$0.50 to $1.45 per lb
Stainless Steel$0.17 to $0.57 per lb
Iron$2.25 to $5.00 per 100 pounds
Titanium$0.05 to $0.10 per lb
Lead$0.09 to $0.68 per lb
Steel Case Battery$0.19 to $0.21 per lb
Mixed Radiator$0.70 to $1.38 per lb

How Much Is Scrap Metal Going For
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